The End of Days

Who is John Gault?

Ok here’s the recap of Saturday. We’ve got 2 new members. Kor Mok, a Dragonborn Battlepriest Mercenary who likes eating people and Jase, a wizard from town who dislikes the council. We started out by chartering our party tentatively calling ourselves “friends of easting” or FoE for short. This is subject to change via party vote. I received a letter with my drink at the inn from a Mr J.G. to meet him in Cloakwood. On the way we stopped to aid a farmer named Rearden who’s livestock was being decimated by wolves. He also had a hired hand from town he couldn’t fire whom he sent out to receive a wagon of illicit supplies who lost the wagon and it’s oxen. We killed the wolves and collected the bounty and moved into the woods where we found bandits who had captured a caravan. It turned out to be the same illicit materials the farmer had wanted to get. We hid the wagon and moved on to the contact who turned out to be John Galt. He’s the legitimate leader of easting. He told is that Zax the dwarf has a holding in the mountains where an honest man can earn honest pay for an honest days work. John and about 200 men are holed up at his ancestral castle near easting. There is also a zhentarim fort on Cloakwood. The hired men from easting are stealing from the farm’s to provide raw materials for the zhentarim fort. John Galt hopes we will help but due to a patrol we were forced to part ways. On the return we killed some goblins and an orc who bore the insignia of the zhentarim. We also encountered a wanted ogre whom we killed and returned his head for a nice bounty.

Upon returning to Easting we were summoned to the sheriff’s office where we were given an official job to clear out an overrun temple of lothander. For 200gp. We were also promised a 50 gp bounty for every prisoner from John Galts resistance we bring in, with a special bounty for John himself. On our way out i was personally stopped by Mr Mouch. In the ensuing conversation Mouch made it clear we are NOT to take neutral jobs but will only work for the leaders of easting. During this conversation i pulled my weapon on Mouch and was quickly surrounded by guards. It was made clear to me, we have a choice. The leadership of easting fully intends to bleed the city dry of its wealth and resources before moving on. We are cordially welcomed to partake in this provided we follow their rules. Should we chose to defy them we will gladly be publically whipped and or executed. No more neutral jobs. I stood down and the zhentarim guards and Mouch treated me friendly as if Co-conspiritors. Afterwards i acquired a book from father evendurr that confirmed my suspicions. John Galt is indeed the rightful lord of the land.

John Galt is not happy we registered as it DOES make us Co-conspiritors, but this also gives us access to good folks like Culainn and his wife and the good father evundurr. Our choice now is to step in line with the zhentarim and the council, continue trying to be double agents, or leave entirely and join with John Galt and Zax in the I’ll funded and overwhelmed resistance.

For history on John Galt, when the spellplague hit he took his men to baldur’s gate to acquire support. They failed and due to politics, danger and refugees were stuck there. They eventually got out and returned only to find the council and were run out of town. Since then the council has engaged in a smear campaign and he and his men are public enemy #1

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